Maxwell #1213

Adopted June 9, 2005

Maxwell #1213My name is Maxwell (#1213). Actually, I get called Maxiepoo and Big Red, more than anything. It’s a little embarrassing, but I’m getting used to it. I came to live with my forever family in June. I live with Becky and Terry and their daughter, Danielle. I love them all very much, but I especially love to kiss Danielle cause she gives good hugs and belly rubs. We have a huge backyard to run around in. Our little house (they call it a trailer) is up on Mt. Hood and we’ve been spending almost every weekend up there. I like our weekend trips up on the mountain. I’ve got 18 acres to run around on, with a nice big creek to splash around in. This picture was taken in our little house. My brother and sister and I are not alone in the bed, we are actually laying on our mom, Becky, but she’s kind of hard to see. My sister is a black, cocker/lab mix named April (aka: Appie-doodle) and she has lived with my family for 8 years. My brother is the big blonde guy and his name is Buddy #242) (he gets called embarrassing nicknames too, like Budman and Teddy Bear). My family adopted him from Golden Bond about a year ago. I like both of them a lot. We also have 2 kitties, Franklin and Ernie, that I’ve made friends with. My mom says she can tell when I’ve been giving the kitties a bath because I guess I get them pretty wet… isn’t that what a bath is supposed to do?

Life is good now and both Buddy and I are grateful to Golden Bond for bringing our forever family to us. We were all made for each other and I plan to stay forever!

Maxwell’s “Available” Story

Maxwell #1213Hi, I’m Maxwell (#1213). I’m 6-1/2 years old with lots of energy and love to share. I lived in a kennel much of the time until my owners realized I would be better off with a family who had more time and energy for me. I guess no one ever threw a ball or stick for me, because I don’t know how to fetch, but I am learning. I love to have a whole backyard to explore. And I am pretty good on a leash, but I do startle if a car drives by. I guess I didn’t get on too many walks in the past. Now I am so happy to be living in my foster home with two other dogs, and a cat that I find extremely interesting! I would like that cat to play with me, so I try to follow him with my tail wagging, but he doesn’t seem to want to play! I am a beautiful, dark red male with good teeth. I have a beautiful, glossy coat, a thick fluffy tail and deep brown eyes. I don’t smell, chew or make messes in the house. When I am outside, I lie or sit quietly without staring through the door, or barking. When I am inside, I just want to lie at your feet and be close to you. But when I jump up and down with joy, my foster mom says that I do need to sit down, because 94 pounds of happy dog could knock over a small child! I am good about settling down quickly and would be an ideal family dog for older children. I have mastered the basic commands. I am a happy, healthy, typical golden and would love to be a part of your family!