Marley #1791

Adopted Dec. 29, 2008

Marley #1791Marley #1791 has been adopted by Chuck and Miriam – the sixth Golden Bond adopted dog for this home over the years. When Nani and Norman left for the Rainbow Bridge last year, it felt so strange to have a Golden-less home, and Molly was lonesome without her companions.

We looked very carefully at the list of pawsible suitors. We had never adopted a very young dog, but we did like what we read about puppy Marley. Bright, curious, sociable – and a boy!

In early December of 2008, we and Molly drove to Salem for a meeting of dogs and people. It went very well. We decided on the way home that Marley would be our choice – and Marley’s foster dad thought that we would be the right home for this one.

Marley #1791All we had to do was wait for the weather to cooperate. Marley came home with us the day after Christmas. He and Molly are already good friends. They chase each other around the house and yard, play with every available toy, and explore our woods together. Molly is teaching Marley our rules and routines, and he learns fast .

Thank you, Golden Bond and Norman H., for our new boy.