Lady #1070

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge September 3, 2011

Lady #1070Ladybug was such a gentle loving soul. We couldn’t have had more wonderful 8 years with any pet and a lot of that had to do with Golden Bond fostering her.

I think Lady #1070 liked Ali (our 5 year old daughter) when she was born, but really grew to LOVE Ali when she got treats from the table (steak, pork, pizza, bacon, pancakes, etc). Alex always told people that we had a “Golden Retrieeeeeever!” Our daughter sometimes touches the spot where Ladybug used to lay (and where she passed) and says “It’s still warm, daddy.”


Lady #1070She was just about to turn 17. She had cancer and towards the end she was starting to fall down and bump into walls. She couldn’t find her way outside to go potty. We let her go at home where she could lay in her favorite spot. She put her head on her paws and just quietly passed away. Yes, it was heartbreaking, but she’s at peace and passed with dignity at home with her family.

Thanks for bringing her into our lives.

Lady’s Adoption Story

Lady #1070Lady (#1070) is one “lucky lady” to be adopted by Stan and Stephany of Portland. There was an emptiness in their home after their first Golden Bond adoptee, Molly, died in June. They had experienced the true joy of adopting a senior, having 4-1/2 wonderful years with their beautiful senior girl. Lady has big shoes to fill, and she has quickly made herself at home. Her biggest decision of the day is where to sleep, where she can keep a close eye on both Stan and Stephany at the same time! Lady and the resident cat, Max, have already reached an “understanding!” Lady is going to have a great life, filled with long walks and trips to the beach. As long as she can find that perfect spot to snooze, where she can keep tabs on her family, she’ll be a very happy girl!