Kasey #66 & Prince #365

Kasey and Prince Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Kasey #66 & Fetch #365Kasey #66 & Prince #365We have been very negligent in reporting this to the organization, but it has been very difficult to discuss. Kasey (#66) passed over the Rainbow Bridge on August 1, 2007 and then we just lost Prince (#365) on May 19, 2008.

Kasey lost her life to liver cancer. Prior to Kasey’s passing, she had two different surgeries to have cancerous lumps removed. We were told that it might be in the liver at that time. We just didn’t expect it so soon.

Kasey entered our life in October 2000. She was a joy the first time we met her. Although she was very strong willed she allowed us to bring her home to live. She had been well cared for in her other home but for unknown reasons she was put up for adoption. She had been hit by a car early in life and had a broken shoulder/leg and a broken jaw.

After she joined our household we had a trainer work with her so she would take walks better. She loved her walks and especially enjoyed going to Champoeg Park. This is where she had her first walk with us and her last.

Kasey was a calendar girl in 2003. She was the September girl.

In May 2003 we adopted a second golden, Prince, (aka Fetch # 365) who became Kasey’s best friend. They enjoyed many good times romping in the back yard and playing with toys. They both especially enjoyed the trips to the beach.

The day we adopted Prince he jumped in the car and rode with his head up the entire trip. We knew by the time we got home he was a Prince and was until his untimely death on May 19, 2008. His death was quite unexpected. He had a blood clot which formed on a tumor and it broke causing extreme pain. The vet had hoped he could operate and eliminate the turnor but it was too large and inoperable. We had to say goodbye to our Prince.

We will always be thankful for the opportunity to have shared the few years we had with Kasey and Prince. At night we always said goodnight to Princess Kasey and Prince Charming.

Our hearts have taken a double blow, but we do plan on adopting again but we just need a little down time.

Louis & Patty

Adopted October 4, 2000

Kasey #66November 13, 2000, from Kasey (#66):  Dear Golden Bond,

Time has really gone fast. I’ve been with my new family for a month already.

I’m really glad you found my new family for me. Dad takes me for long walks each day and most days I get to take my mom to work and then go pick her up. I’ts fun going for walks and rides with my new family.

One day my dad took me to meet my new doctor. She’s really nice and gentle. She said I’m in really good health. I wonder why I needed so many shots then?

Dad even had a trainer come out to the house one day to help me learn better leash manners.

The sleeping arrangements are just great. At bedtime, I respectfully join them in their room until the lights go out, but then I am off to my own bedroom. I have a bed all to myself so I can stretch out as much as I want.

Every once in awhile, Dad leaves some food on the counter. One day he brought home some fresh tamales from the local Mexican grocer. I decided to try a couple, it was really hard to get the foil and corn husk off but I managed. I really enjoy Mexican food. Just the other day, Dad brought home some garlic bread. I tried to eat the whole loaf but I got too full. I’m not sure if I like all that garlic. I hear Mom & Dad say they need to be more careful about leaving food on the counter. Guess my cuisine may be more selective in the future.

I have to patrol the backyard all the time. We have many cats who visit because we feed the birds. Keeps me real busy.

I guess my last new expereince (which wasn’t much fun) was the dog wash. My Mom and Dad said I looked beautiful, but it was scarey to me. I do get biscuts so I guess all things considered it wasn’t that bad.

My Mom and Dad want to thank everyone involved in your organization. They think Golden Bond Rescue is the best.

Thanks for finding me my forever family.

Adopted May 21, 2003

Fetch #365From Fetch (#365): These bright and sunny Summer days have brought many happy changes to my world. When I met Lou and Patty, I could hardly wait to move to my forever home in Newberg. I am so happy in my new family and am always eager to join them in any activity.

Everyone I meet tells me that Prince is the perfect name for such a regal dog that proudly sits in the car and surveys his kingdom at every opportunity. Riding in the car is almost as much fun as playing tug-of-war with my Golden pal, Kasey. We can spend hours playing in the great outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and rolling in the grass.

Life with my new family also includes sessions with a trainer, who comes to see me every week. I proudly show off my newly acquired skills on walks around the neighborhood. My busy days include two walks as well as backyard training. I’ve also found some special places to curl up for an occasional nap.I’d like to thank all my friends at Golden Bond for the opportunity to fall in love with my special family, and to be able to share my forever home with Kasey.