Jamie Ky #1546

Adopted March 2007

Jamie Ky #1546Hi, I’m Jake (formerly Jamie Ky #1546); I’m big and handsome and I am King of my new “forever home”. I moved in with my new family as their first foster dog in March of this year. Little did they know I would leap into their lives and they would fall in love with me and adopt me.& I guess they failed as foster parents and I am so glad.

I have adjusted to my new home very quickly. As with all us Goldens, I love attention and even though I weigh in at a slim 85 pounds, I think I should be a lap dog. I am learning the rules of the house and am getting acquainted with the neighbors and the neighborhood dogs, squirrels and other critters. I really love my daily walks and don’t pull on the leash as much since I got a harness from Golden Bond.

I just turned two in January so I still have a lot of energy. I can jump 4 – 5 feet straight off the ground and amaze everyone that sees me. That is usually how I signal that I want to come in from my big back yard. I know I am not supposed to greet people by jumping on them but sometimes I forget because I am so eager to see them.

I love all the hugs and kisses I get and that brushing stuff is really great. I am really happy in my new home and know I am part of this great family. Mom, Dad and I thank Golden Bond for uniting us and appreciate all the wonderful people that care so much for us.