Hope #1773

Adopted Nov. 11, 2008

Hope #1773Bella (formerly Hope #1773) our “Beautiful Girl”… Bella had a rough start in Portland and we are so lucky to have her. Having two children, ages 3 & 7, we expected to wait months for the right Golden to come into our lives. Much to our surprise, she came to us the day after our home visit. She had a bad case of Parvo and was very ill. We fostered her for about a month, but after the first day, we knew she was for us. She was so shy and very scared. However, it didn’t take her long for her to fit in. After a few days she was running in the back yard fetching a ball with the kids. She’s a great dog for the kids and very tolerant of my 3 year old and her friends.

Hope #1773Bella was heaven sent but she’s not angel all the time. One night the kids and I ate before my husband so I decided to leave dinner on the table. The minute I turned around I heard a crash, it was the whole chicken on the floor. She waited for the right moment! Since then we’ve adjusted to Bella. She gets daily walks to/from school with my son. She LOVES the other children (her PEEPS) and it is her grand excitement for the day. We didn’t know you could wag your whole body. She dug out of our back yard a few times (I think she might dig to China one day). In fact, last night I saw her behind the fence in the neighbors yard. The hole was so small, we both couldn’t figure out how she got there! If the house is quiet, we all wonder “What is Bella doing”? Being a puppy, she eats everything: Dirty socks, shoes, toys, and especially crayons and paper. I guess she’s a budding artist. I’m sure she’ll surprise us more.

We want to thank Golden Bond Rescue for all of the care they give to these wonderful animals. We truly have met our “Golden Bond” . We absolutely love her. Ciao! Bella