Henry #1068

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 18, 2007

Henry #1068Henry (#1068) was our second foster dog, and came to us in the late summer of 2004 with a huge case of separation anxiety. After a couple of days, he actually broke through a window in our car to get out to follow my husband, so we figured if he wanted us that badly the least we could do was adopt him. He was in the National Parade of Rescue at the Golden Retriever National Specialty Show in LA a month or so later and proudly represented Golden Bond.

Henry #1068Although he had a little less than 3 years with us, we like to think he lived them fully. He got to play on 10 acres on the Little Deschutes River in Central Oregon with our three other dogs, enjoyed barking at our resident miniature donkeys, and was treated like the prince that he was. Because of his continuing separation anxiety, he even got to go to work every day with my husband and became the official Ambassadog for the River Meadows Homeowners Association. Always the perfect gentleman and willing to be hugged continuously, he will be sorely missed in our family. He was able to spend his remaining years running free and we are grateful to him for the love he gave to us.

Adopted August 15, 2004

Henry #1068I’m Henry the IV I am, Henry the IV I am, I am! I was just Henry (#1068) when I came into Rescue, but since my new dad’s name is Henry Jr, and he has a son Henry III, my new folks decided I am now to be Henry the IV. I got lost from my home and stayed with several families before I found my forever people over here in Central Oregon. I’m enjoying my new life on 10 acres by the river with my golden brother, Hunter; two cats; four goats; and two burros. I think I must be the most loved Rescue Dog in the world ’cause I have people who love me all over the state! My new mom is taking me soon to some fancy National Golden Retriever Specialty show in California, and I’m going to walk in the Parade of Golden Rescues! Not bad for a guy like me!