Goldie #1519

Goldie’s Memorial Story:

Goldie 1519When I was seven we adopted Goldie (age 8), my first dog. She was the best dog in the world!  My dad and I had fun building and painting a dog house for her. She enjoyed hiking with us and going swimming.  Just the weekend before she passed, we even took her to play in the snow. She always enjoyed going to her dog resort to chase squirrels and chipmunks. Goldie lived a wonderful 14 years. I am sad that she is gone but I do know that she will always be watching over me. I will never forget her and she will forever live in my heart. Goldie born 10-28-98 :) and passed 2-19-13 :(

By: Bailey Olson, age 13

Adopted Feb. 18th, 2007

Goldie #1519Our family made a road trip to Portland in February to visit Goldie #1519 at her wonderful foster home. Upon meeting her we knew her forever home was to be with us. This was going to be our family’s first dog (and golden retriever), so we wanted a dog that had some training and not so much energy.
My husband and I were going to be the primary caregivers of her, but then wanted a companion for our only child Bailey. Bailey is a quiet child so he needed a dog that was as gentle as he is. Goldie is just that. Bailey loves to give her big hugs and she happily receives them.

For an 8 ½ years young dog, she still has an abundant amount of energy when it comes to walking. We take her for 2 walks a day, in an undeveloped area of our neighborhood, where she can watch and attempt to chase (though she is on a leash, so we are then being taken for a walk) squirrels and other wild critters. We are looking forward to the longer days and warmer weather to go on family hikes in the mountains, in addition to playing at the many rivers and lakes in our area. We couldn’t imagine our family without her.

Thank you Golden Bond for completing our family.