Fluke #1539

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge July 2009

Fluke #1539In Memory of Bailey Octavious

Golden Bond introduced us to our boy Bailey, formerly Fluke (#1539) on March 6th, 2007. This kind hearted creature came to us with a ravaged body and a hurt leg from being in a bear trap. His first 2 years of life were hell on him. He had been beaten and there was evidence of previously broken ribs. With everything that humans had done to Bailey he had every right not to trust us, but that wasn’t the case. Through love and nursing Bailey became your typical Golden Retriever. He loved to play “Catch It” and go find his Mr. Pheasant to give to you to show how you what he could do. He would always be so proud of himself when he pleased us, which was constantly, and he would look all proud and snort with his stuffed toy held firmly in his mouth.

About 6 months ago Bailey started to slightly favor his back leg. We took him to our vet and through some range of motion tests and watching Bailey walk our Vet determined that he probably had an early case of arthritis. It made me a little sad because Bailey was barely 4 years old at the time.

At first it seemed like it would get worse when it rained and on good sunny days his limp would be a lot better. We started to keep long walks and Chuck It at a minimum. Of course Bailey didn’t like that, but we wanted his leg to get better. Except it wasn’t.

Within a month, he was no longer putting any weight on it at all and the muscle was atrophying so back to the Vet we went. This time our Vet decided to do xray’s and it turns out that our wonderful dog was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma or bone cancer. I lost it right there, before Bailey our dog Lily had died from cancer and we didn’t want to go through this all over again.

I got online and started researching Osteosarcoma and what our options were as well as what the cancer would do to him. Unfortunately this type of cancer is extremely aggressive in younger dogs and once it’s been diagnosed in the bone it WILL metastases to other organs, most likely the lungs or liver. In the meantime the cancer was quickly eating away at his bone and there was fear it would just break so we made the heart wrenching decision to have his hind leg removed. We don’t regret that decision because within a week he was back to normal and running all over the place. I read that dogs adapt very well to 3 legs and Bailey proved that overwhelmingly.

We decided on no chemo therapy because the numbers of quality of life doesn’t change much when it comes to younger dogs. Bailey did really well for the first month after amputation but after that, just like his leg, he went down quickly. He started with a small cough about a month and toward the end he was starting to have a hard time breathing at all. We made the decision and after 2 years, 3 months and 11 days of wonderful happy memories we let that kind hearted spirit go. We will miss you so much Bailey. We thank you for everything that you gave to us and we hope now that you are hanging out with Lily chasing balls and wagging your tails.

Thank you Golden Bond

Cary and Jeff

Adopted March 6th, 2007

Fluke #1539Fluke (#1539), now Bailey, came to us on March 6th, 2007 with a very hurt paw and a bruised self esteem. We have nothing but good things to say about Golden Bond. Everyone that we have encountered is wonderful.

Bailey is the sweetest loving dog you can ever imagine, surprising with everything that has happened to him. He definitely has the retriever in him. We have been playing retrieve with his favorite toy, Mr. Pheasant, from the moment we got him home. On top of that he is very gentle and has a kind heart, as I’m sure all Goldens have. He allows us to clean his wound and change his bandage every day. He just lay’s down and waits for it to be over. Then he gets his “big boy” treat for being so good. His tail is constantly moving, I would have to assume he is very happy here. He has gained about 5 lbs and Dr. Angie says he needs another 10 on him, which won’t be a problem I assure you.

So far besides his retrieving, he loves his walks and all the neighbors keep commenting at what a handsome dog he is. We and Bailey are very grateful to all of you that helped his journey into our family. Susie and Holly were on top of things from the moment they received our applications. You both rock. And Erin, thank you for taking care of Bailey for us, he couldn’t have had a better foster mom. Thank you all again, (can you tell we are thankful?). LOL