Daisy #2086

Adopted November 19, 2010

2086_daisy_1Daisy #2086 joined our family on November 19th. She is our second golden retriever adoption dog, and we are so happy that Golden Bond decided to place her with our family. She has settled in beautifully and enjoys the daily routine of her new home. The typical day begins with her nosing the door open to our teenage sons’ rooms to wake them up. Although more often than not she gets invited into bed for just a few more minutes of sleep. After breakfast, she enjoys a nice long walk of 4-6 miles. But for a 2 year old golden retriever, that’s just a warm-up! When she gets home she races around the backyard and likes to play fetch with her tennis ball or Frisbee. She wants to be wherever the family is – so right now, she’s resting at my feet under the desk as I type.

Daisy 2086She loves having visitors come to the house. We’re working on not jumping up, and she’s already getting better. When a group of Girl Scout Christmas carolers came to our door she was so good. She just sat and listened to the songs – almost mesmerized. Daisy has started beginning dog obedience class, but she came to us with some basics already learned. She can sit, lie down, fetch, come, drop it, wait, and walk nicely on a leash. She has lots of energy, but she is very quick to learn and so eager to please. We love Daisy, and it’s great to have such a wonderful dog in our family. A special thank you to the entire Golden Bond team, but especially to Joy, Paul, and Rafael (their golden retriever) for introducing Daisy to our family.

Bruce, Stacy, Brian, Michael, & Daisy