Cricket #996

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge: December 29, 2005

Cricket #996On December 29th, 2005 we sadly said good bye to our sweetie girl Cricket Marie (#996). She lived with us less than two years but we felt like we had been blessed by her company for so long. She was diagnosed with cancer just two weeks earlier and we spent her last days letting her know how much we loved her. I cannot say enough about the wonderful women doctors at Murrayhill Vet Hospital that cared for Cricket and helped support our family during this time. We had waited for almost a year to get the perfect dog from Golden Bond and she has touched us all forever. Thank you, Golden Bond, for allowing Cricket to be part of our family.

David, Lisa, Page and Mahaila



Adopted April 2004

Cricket #996Hi, this is Cricket (#996)! I have found a new home in Beaverton, and it is very exciting. I am so lucky to have two new girls who love to walk me. Page, 9, and Mahaila who is 6 have been taking me on two-three-four-five walks around the block everyday! I have not walked this much in years! I have met a new friend, Beethoven, who lives across the street and we go for walks together everyday. It is nice being welcomed into the neighborhood. I love my new house and made two new friends in Shadow and Fluffy. For the first week I was here, they did not spend much time with me, but now we are beginning to “hang out” together. I love those darn cats. I just wish they would love me back. You would think I invaded their domain the way they acted.

I can’t believe how much love there is in this house, and I am so lucky to live here.


Cricket’s Available Story


Cricket #996I would like to introduce myself and tell you about me. My name is Cricket (#996). I am 8 years old, and I don’t have a white or gray hair on my head, face, tail, or body. As a matter of fact, I wear my age really well. I have no signs of aging at all. Some of us girls are just lucky this way. My foster mom says it’s in the genes. I keep up just fine with the younger dogs in my foster home… Even four-year-old Buddy. OK — maybe I am just a wee bit overweight. I call it voluptuous and feminine. Sort of like a Renoir painting. My foster mom has me on a diet. Oh well… whatever makes her happy.

Besides being quite lovely to look at, I’m a beautiful reddish color with a full and very soft coat. This makes me quite petable. My eyes are soft and brown. I know most of the things that make humans happy. I understand sit, stay, come, and down. And…I walk really well on a leash! I’ve had only one family all of my life, and I’m just hoping I can find another home to call my own and another family to love.

P.S. I get along really well with the three dogs in my foster family, and I’m no trouble at all. I wouldn’t mind being an only girl, but I also like the idea of having some dogs like me for company. I’m very curious about cats, but I would never hurt them. There weren’t any children at my old house, but I would probably like to live with older ones. Maybe you would like to meet me. I hope so.