Chaz #1679

Adopted Jan. 27, 2008

Chaz #1679We received our second Golden Bond Rescue dog, Bailey (formerly Chaz #1679), on late January. Our hope was that he would be a good companion for our other GBR dog, Lucy, who is a bit timid in some situations and also needed someone to share her need to run & play. Bailey couldn’t be more perfect! He and Lucy bonded on the way home from Bailey’s foster parents and have been great buddies ever since. Bailey had some fears of his own when we first got him, but he has recovered remarkably. Both dogs are a mixture of Golden Retriever and Border Collie, so are close to the same size and energy level. They are also both around two years old and can run like the wind! Lucy is a light golden color and Bailey is a dark red-gold. They are absolutely gorgeous & as sweet and loving as they can be. They are allowed on our bed and all the furniture, and any time a lap is made around here it is promptly filled with a Golden! Such joy they’ve brought to us!

Having two dogs has made all aspects of their lives better–eating, sleeping, car rides, play time are all more than twice as nice! We are very grateful to everyone at Golden Bond that assisted in our two adoptions and can’t imagine life without these wonderful characters.

Thank you all!