Buddy #0007-BN

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge June 29, 2011

Buddy #0000Back in September 1999, I contacted Golden Bond because I had just lost my best friend of 13 years, my golden, Red. At the time Golden Bond was undergoing a reorganization process. They had two dogs that needed homes right away. One had already been adopted, but Buddy (#0007-BN) was available. He was an owner surrender.

When I first contacted GB,  told them I was looking for another dog to adopt, and told my story of losing Red, Ellen, a volunteer with GB at that time, thought Buddy would be a good match for me. He could help me and I could help him.

Sight unseen, I drove down to Portland and picked Buddy up. I remember him being in a kennel with a couple German shepherd pups. He was wagging his tail and was very exuberant. Once he was released from the kennel, however, he was very shy and reserved and would not even take the treat that I offered him. He hid behind his human mom and it was obvious he was a fearful dog – not at all typical of golden retriever behavior.

I loaded him up in the back seat of the truck and he went home with me. I worked for about a year or two to get him over most of his fears. He never lost many of them, but he was vastly improved from when he first came home with me. Right from the start, I could see that Buddy was a gentle soul. He truly helped me to heal from the loss of Red and I believe I helped him to get over whatever neglect or abuse he had suffered in his past.

Buddy was almost 14 years old and has been in declining health for a few weeks. It has been incredibly difficult to see such a wonderful dog go downhill. He had stopped eating and we could tell he was very uncomfortable. I took him to the vet on 6/29/2011 and x-rays showed fluid in his lungs and an enlarged liver. Not a good prognosis.

On 6/29/2011, Buddy passed over the Rainbow Bridge. It was a difficult decision to let him go, but ultimately I didn’t want to see him uncomfortable or in pain and not able to enjoy life. He was The Best Dog Ever, as we liked to say.

I will be forever grateful to Buddy for helping me heal. I only hope I repaid a fraction of what he gave me.

Update, June 27, 2011

Buddy has his good day and his bad days. I will be taking him in to the vet this Wednesday, as I need to bring our foster dog in to get some sutures removed.

He has some sort of gastrointestinal discomfort and will not eat anything other than sandwich meat that we hand to him. He was always the type of dog to inhale his food, so I’m a bit concerned that he won’t eat. For awhile, we tried hamburger (which he loved) and scrambled eggs. But now he won’t even eat those things.

He is going on about 14 so that’s doing pretty good for a golden. I certainly wish I could have him around for a couple more years, but we’ll see.

Update, June 4, 2011

Buddy #0000I adopted Buddy from Golden Bond Rescue back in 1999 when it was undergoing a reorganization process. I had lost my other golden, Red, in August 1999 and in September 1999 I went down to Portland (from the Tacoma area) to get Buddy.

I’ve had him ever since. He’s now going on about 14 and he’s not doing very well. Arthritic and just doesn’t seem to be feeling well. I can see the day coming where he’ll let me know that he doesn’t want to go on any longer and we’ll have to make the difficult decision that no pet’s parents want to make.

I wanted to thank Ellen, if I could, for helping to bring Buddy into my life and helping me to heal from Red’s loss. If she is no longer there, then please accept my thanks for all you do on behalf of these wonderful dogs. I volunteer from afar as a home and dog evaluation in the Pierce County, WA area, and am more than happy to help out.

If something should be happening to Buddy, I would like to send a memorial for him. Even though I don’t think he was ever assigned a GB#, it was Ellen with GB who was instrumental in helping me to connect with Buddy.

All the best…

Deb and Don