Angel #75

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge: September 24, 2008

Angel #75We held our precious Angel (#75) as Dr. Lindsay helped her cross the Rainbow Bridge and tearfully said goodbye. Now Angel is happy in heaven and has already convinced St. Peter to let her sit by the pearly gates, where she can see everything that is going on.

Angel sat behind our front gate and watched all the activity on the street every day, barking whenever she felt it necessary to make her presence known. She loved walks through town and romps on the edges of the college athletic fields. She liked children and most adults and she tolerated cats. She didn’t like little dogs and given the opportunity, would roll them over and over with her nose. She was gentle and loving and caring to all, and I don’t doubt she would have given her life to protect our family.

We fell in love with Angel when we read her story on the Golden Bond Rescue web site. She had been abandoned and was discovered in the woods along the southern Oregon coast, severely underweight, with two puppies. When caring people took Angel and her little family home, she did not eat any food until after the puppies were fed. We met her at her foster home with Chuck and Miriam. They told us about her habits, good hunter, sensitive to her tail being brushed etc. She had a previous visit from a prospective adopter, but Angel turned them down as his dog was too pushy. Once she had accepted us, we took her home in our truck. Angel beamed with excitement and drooled on the seat all the way home. We were thrilled when she happily joined our family. She met Ruby, our Golden and they became good pals, keeping one another company while we were at our jobs all day. Years later, when Ruby was having neurological problems, Angel became her eyes and ears, and lovingly spent much of the time at Ruby’s side. Angel became the household matriarch, teaching male dogs their place and having a scuffle or two with females who wanted equal billing.

Angel #75Angel met several foster dogs who cycled through our home before finding their forever homes. Once she and Duncan, a big, old doofus of a Golden guy escaped through the fence and ended up in the back seat of a Monmouth Police car. We later chided her about her police record and the importance of staying on the straight and narrow pathway. Don found that Angel loved to “rassle” and the two would spend time snarling and fussing. We eventually had to give that up because the other dogs would think something was going on for real. Only Don and Angel knew it was all in fun.

Eight wonderful years with our precious Angel were far from being enough and we miss her every day. She is forever in our hearts and we know that someday we will be reunited with her and our lives will no longer feel so empty.

We buried Angel’s ashes in her favorite place, tears fell from the sky and we knew Angel’s spirit was there as a white butterfly gently flew above our heads and into the tree above us.

Don and Patty