Abby #1740

Adopted August 6 2008

Abby #1740Thank you Golden Bond!

We recently adopted Abby #1740. We have been looking for an older dog to join our family and Abby is a perfect match. We have two cats that adjusted to her within the first few days and it seems they will all be friends for life.

When we first got Abby she seemed pretty sad. She came to Golden Bond because her previous owner passed away. (He raised her from a puppy, she’s nine.)

But it hasn’t taken long to bond with John and me. She loves going for walks along the river each day and is always finding places to swim. She enjoys the people and dogs we meet and did great on her first camping trip. We already love Abby and look forward to having her with us for the years to come. She is truly a blessing.

Again, thank you,
John and June